Graduate School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences(Master’s Course)

Department of Bioscience and Laboratory Medicine

In this field, physiologic functions and pathological analysis from the cellular level to the entire body are the main focus of education and research. Regarding physiologic functions, education and research pertaining to the latest insights and methodology are conducted, including the structure and function of the living body, homeostatic functions, immunoregulation, and various disease states (e.g., leukemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis). Regarding pathological analysis, in comparison with normal control, education and research on analysis methods from the genetic level to the cellular level, and even to the macroscopic level are carried out. Predicted results, newest insights, current problems and their solutions, latest trends, future issues and development of the pathology of tumors, blood diseases, and infections are also considered. These results lead to development of diagnoses and treatment.

Preliminary Consultation
Applicants must contact the faculty member in charge via telephone or email to discuss their academic and research goals before filing an application. If the faculty member in charge is unavailable, please contact our Academic Affairs Group at +81-172-39-5911 or

Research Themes
Kazuyuki Kida, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5955
○Epidemiological examination of livelihood-related environmental factors at home, workplaces and communities
Hideki Takami, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5053
○Molecular markers of blood coagulation factors and platelets in patients with thrombotic tendency
Mitsuaki Yoshida, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5931
○Radiation sensitivity in the general human population using chromosome aberration
○Development and improvement of cytogenetic biodosimetry methods in radiation emergency medicine
○Molecular cytogenetic and genetic analyses of radiation-induced malignant tumors
○Development of chemicals for radiation protection with chromosome aberration as a biological indicator
○Roles of chromosome abnormality in the development and progression of solid tumors
Toshiya Nakamura, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5969
○Regulation of the activity of hyaluronan synthases
○Function and property of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans
○Effect of radiation on extracellular matrix components
Jun Watanabe, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5967
○Analysis of the mechanism of action of sex steroid hormones in endometrial carcinoma cells
○Analysis of the prognostic and predictive factors of endometrial cancer
○Analysis of the mechanism of uterine cervical cancer carcinogenesis
○Molecular pathologic and digital image analysis of histological and cytological specimens
Koichi Ito, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5925
○Immune reconstitution by murine umbilical cord blood transplantation
○Molecular mechanisms involved in the differentiation and maturation of hematopoietic stem cells
○Intestinal immune regulation by nucleotides
Yusuke Tando, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5992
○Identification of therapeutic targets and treatments for diabetes mellitus, obesity and other nutritional diseases (biomarkers, assessment tools and measuring devices)
Teruko Takeo,
Associate Professor
TEL 0172-39-5928
○Influence of bioactive substances on the intracellular signal transduction mechanism
Tomisato Miura,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5966
○Development of novel cytogenetic parameters for the estimation of radiation dose absorption
○Analysis of background factors that affect chromosomal abnormalities
○Effects of apple procyanidins on the prevention of lifestyle-related disease
○Biological effects of radiation exposure
Takashi Ishikawa, Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5936
○Functions of sulfated glycosaminoglycan
○Urinary enzyme activity as a marker for the influence of radiation exposure
Miyuki Fujioka, Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5970
○Scientific elucidation of the infection course in food-mediated infectious disease
○Development study of a novel simple test method in various pathogenic bacteria
Naoki Nanashima, Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5968
○Function of hair keratin in the mammary gland
○Development of an exosome biomarker in breast cancer
○New health functions of blackcurrant
Mitsuru Chiba, Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5965
○Study on the function of extracellular vesicles
○Cancer and functional RNA
○Cancer invasion and metastasis
○Identification of a biomarker for early diagnosis
Haruhiko Yoshioka,
Assistant Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5972
○Pathological, histological and cytological analysis of cancer cells using ultraviolet-visible microspectroscopy
○Morphological analysis for the early detection of cancer
○Feature extraction of cancer cells using pathological imaging analysis
○Precision control of pathological, histological and cytological tests and improving testing technologies