Graduate School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences(Doctoral Course)

Department of Radiation Science

Radiation has been applied in the medical field for over 100 years, and its importance in diagnoses and treatment in the modern medicine is extremely important. Radiation technology has continued to develop through the advancements of hardware and software in equipment engineering, and supports modern medicine. In the Doctoral Course of Radiology Science, education and research are carried out so that students can learn the basics as researchers on advanced techniques and theories on information engineering, system engineering, and biological science as related to image diagnosis and radiation therapy.

Preliminary Consultation
Applicants must contact the faculty member in charge via telephone or email to discuss their academic and research goals before filing an application. If the faculty member in charge is unavailable, please contact our Academic Affairs Group at +81-172-39-5911 or

Research Themes
Ikuo Kashiwakura, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5938
• Evaluation of the radiosensitivity of human hematopoietic stem progenitor cells
• Development of pharmacotherapy for individuals exposed to radiation
• Investigation of novel compounds possessing radiomitigative effects
Kouichi Nakagawa, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5921
• Characterization of skin structures using electron spin resonance (ESR) and ESR imaging
• Investigation of free radicals produced by various irradiations using ESR imaging
• Investigation of reactions among antioxidants and reactive oxygen species
Yoichiro Hosokawa, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5957
• Signal transductions and reactive oxygen species in radiation apoptosis
• Estimation and calculation of radiation doses in radiotherapy
Yoko Saito, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5939
• Optimization and clinical applications of imaging modalities, especially CT and MRI
• Usefulness and outcome of imaging modalities
• Radiation exposure in CT and associated risks
Shinji Tokonami, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5404
• Upgrading and standardization of radiation measurement techniques and dose assessment
• Assessment of radioactivity and radiation from various radionuclides in the environment
• Radiation risk analysis for establishment of radiological protection system
Eichi Tsuruga, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5954
• Sensitivity of alveolar elastic fibers to radiation exposure
• Mechanism of formation of elastic system fibers in the dermis
• Remodeling of the ciliary zonule
Junichi Hirota,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5960
• Radiation power generation for converting radiation energy into electric power
• Technological innovation through medical-engineering collaboration
• Heavy charged particle therapy
Masahiro Hosoda ,Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5956
• Measurement, environmental dynamics and dose estimation of environmental radiation and radionuclides
• Advancement of radiation measurement methods and dose evaluation in radiation emergency medicine
Satoru Monzen, Lecturer Tel: +81-172-39-5959
• Investigation of the mechanisms of the pathogenesis of bone marrow failure induced by high/low-dose rate ionizing radiation
• Search for the radiation biodosimetric marker(s) with high precision in biogenic substances