Graduate School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences(Doctoral Course)

Department of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science is a clinical application science where research targets various human disabilities and persons with those disabilities. This field is based on physical therapy and occupational therapy. Along with analyzing human movements, mental and daily life activities, and abnormalities from the viewpoint of disorder prevention, evaluation and handling of physical and occupational therapy for the purpose of recovery of motor and mental disabilities and the improvement of life activities are carried out in light of precedent case studies, as well as considering the analysis methods of clinical decision-making in the process.
 The purpose of the Doctoral Course is to train clinical researchers as educators, researchers, and team leaders in health medicine, who can take the lead in original and academic research in the field of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science, and to acquire a wide-range of knowledge and high-level expert ability and morality.

Preliminary Consultation
Applicants must contact the faculty member in charge via telephone or email to discuss their academic and research goals before filing an application. If the faculty member in charge is unavailable, please contact our Academic Affairs Group at +81-172-39-5911 or

Research Themes
Saichi Wakayama, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5982
• Research on physical therapy education, especially clinical reasoning, clinical practice, and lifelong learning
• Research on nervous system physical therapy, especially for stroke and neuromuscular disorders
Akira Ishikawa, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5978
• Cardiorespiratory response and autonomic nerve activity during low- to moderate-intensity exercise
• Physical disability evaluation in patients with cardiopulmonary disease, renal disease and muscular dystrophy
• Prevention of occupational low back pain in nursing care workers
Takao Osanai, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5989
• Strategy for improving quality of life of people with mental disability
Junko Yamada, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5985
• Role of GABAA receptor-mediated signaling in physiology and pathology
• Development of new diagnostic methods and treatments for neurological diseases
• Mechanisms underlying synaptic transmission in epilepsy and other neurological disorders
• Effect of radiation exposure on the brain
• Sex differences in the brain
Atsushi Oda, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5979
• Study of the relationship between foot function and athletic capability
• Study of physical evaluation and therapy for dysfunctions resulting from sports injuries
• Study of kinetic chain in posture change
Kazumaru Wada, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5986
• Effects of occupational therapy on patients with schizophrenia
• Clinical outcome and social prognosis of patients with epilepsy
Akiyoshi Takami,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5976
• Gait assessment research on stroke and research on gait therapy of stroke
• Research on risk management of stroke
• Research on stroke assessment scale
• Research on the general clinical assessment scale
Eiki Tsushima,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5980
• Motion analysis of patients with musculoskeletal disorders
• Electromyography analysis of motion
• Epidemiology and biostatistics for physical therapy research
Hideki Yoshida,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5975
• Use of physiological and kinesiological indicators to provide evidence for the effectiveness of electrophysical and isothermal agents (EPAs) and therapeutic exercise
• Effectiveness of combined or simultaneous use of EPAs and therapeutic exercise
• Application of EPAs to psychosomatic health promotion
• Physical therapy (evaluation and treatment) for the elderly and patients with central nervous system disorders such as stroke