Graduate School of Health Sciences

Message from the Dean

Kazuyuki Kida,

Dean of the Graduate School of Health Sciences

In April 2005, the Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences opened its Master’s Course in Medical Science for enrollment. Upon the establishment of its Doctoral Course in April 2007, the Graduate School of Health Science became an independent faculty. Such evolution is a reflection of issues related to the emergence of an aging society with fewer children in Japan, which has created urgent needs to foster health professional students and establish foundations for education and research. Meanwhile, segmentation and amalgamation continue to take place in health science and medicine, as one can see in the advancement of gene therapy and regenerative medicine. As advances are made in treatment of lifestyle-related diseases and establishment of home nursing care services, there are greater expectations focused on quality of life.

The Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences Master’s Degree Program offers twelve courses in the four fields of Nursing Science, Bioinformatics Science, Biofunctionality Science, and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science. We aim to develop leaders and sophisticated professionals with proven abilities to manage and perform. Our Doctoral Degree Program offers six courses in the two fields of Science of Health Services and Medical Bioscience, with the goals of contributing to society by developing education researchers who have highly specialized knowledge and technology. Additionally, in 2010, we became Japan’s first university to offer a master’s course in Radiation Exposure Healthcare, and our aim is to develop medical professionals capable of responding to emergency radiation exposure situations around the globe.

We strive to incorporate lifelong learners and active members of society in our graduate and postgraduate programs, with the hope that they will bring improved specialized knowledge and techniques back to their industry communities. For this reason, we provide special post-secondary learning opportunities such as daytime and evening courses, intensive seminars offered on weekends and during summer and winter break, remote e-learning courses, and long-term curriculum plans for people who work with a medical, health or welfare institution, an education and research organization, a government office, or a private company.

Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences welcomes all applicants with the passion to actively contribute to society and become leaders in the field of healthcare as highly-specialized professionals or education researchers.