School of Health Sciences

Department of Radiological Technology

Goals of Majoring in the Radiation Technology Course

In order to keep astride with recent rapid developments in medical radiation technology, the Radiation Technology Course ensures that students learn a wide range of subject matter, from fundamental radiation technology to advanced specialized topics.

Additionally, students will learn the latest medical technology hands-on through practical training in clinical settings, developing practical skills that will allow them to effectively function together with doctors and other medical technicians in a team care setting.

Features of the Curriculum

Students will learn about…

● the human body structure and functions as well as how diseases develop,

● image interpretation and data processing technology, and

● the principle and structure of a wide variety of state-of-the-art radiological equipment.
Students can also take courses that are required for the Class 1 Radiation Protection Supervisor Exam.

Career Options

○ Hospitals and other medical institutions
○ Radiation control departments of radiological-related businesses
○ Companies that perform non-destructive testing
○ Companies affiliated with radiological devices, etc.
○ Graduate school

Potential Licenses and Qualifications

○ Qualification to take the Medical Radiation Technologist Exam
○ Qualification to take the Radiation Protection Supervisor Exam