School of Health Sciences

Department of Medical Technology

Goals of Majoring in the Medical Technology Course

This course aims to educate clinical laboratory technicians with the knowledge and skills to handle advanced specialized medical tests including genetic testing. Students will apply their skills in practical problem-solving situations as they strive to develop sound judgment, creativity, intelligence and a rich sense of humanity.

Ultimately, graduates of this course may become researchers who pursue integrated science, teachers who provide education to clinical laboratory technicians, and professionals capable of working effectively as a member of medical care teams to contribute on a global scale.

Features of the Curriculum

● Develop a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena of life, and study the fundamentals of testing in medicine and healthcare.

● Obtain knowledge and skills required for performing sample testing, morphological testing, physiological testing, and etiological / biophylactic testing. Develop practical skills that are required for clinical laboratory technicians.

● With graduate school in mind, provide in-depth learning in accordance with students’ interest.

● We began to offer the cytotechnologist course in April 2009. The knowledge and skills required for cytotechnologists are provided.

Career Options

○ Medical institutions (hospitals and clinics)
○ Test centers
○ Research institutions
○ Public health institutions
○ Manufacturers of devices and reagents used for clinical laboratory testing
○ Clinical laboratory technician-related certified occupations (clinical trial coordinator, etc.)
○ Graduate school

Potential Licenses and Qualifications

○ Qualification to take the National Clinical Laboratory Technician Exam
○ Cytotechnologist
○ Food sanitation supervisor and food sanitation inspector
○ Functional food consultant