School of Health Sciences

Department of Physical Therapy

Goals of Majoring in the Physical Therapy Course

The purpose of physical therapy is to recover or maintain activity, posture, and motion-related functions through the scientific application of physical means such as exercise, heat, ultrasound, and prosthesis, so that patients whose motor function is compromised due to disability, disease, or injury may be able to have improved social life. Physical therapy has recently taken important roles such as health enhancement and preventative care for middle-aged and elderly people, as well as physical conditioning for sports athletes.

Students of the Physical Therapy Course will gain deep understanding of the correlations between the human body and exercise, posture and motions, while they develop the ability to analyze and resolve lifestyle problems resulting from compromised or disabled motor function. These students will go on to become professionals capable of widely applying such knowledge to fields including health maintenance, health enhancement, and athletic activities.

Educational Goals

● Be able to accept disabilities and disabled people as they are, and develop empathy for the joy and suffering in human life.

● Understand the correlations between the human body and exercise, posture and motions.

● Obtain practical problem solving skills and master therapeutic techniques.

● Develop a constant awareness of problems and issues, and be dedicated to continuous self-improvement.

Career Options

○ Hospitals and clinics
○ Rehabilitation centers
○ Nursing care facilities (nursing homes, special elderly nursing homes)
○ Physically disabled children’s homes
○ Educational and research organizations
○ Local institutions (public health-related offices, local health centers)
○ Graduate school

Potential Licenses and Qualifications

○ Qualification to take the National Physical Therapist Qualifying Exam