School of Health Sciences

Department of Occupational Therapy

Goals of Majoring in the Occupational Therapy Course

In patients with mental or physical disabilities caused by mental illness, physical ailment, or aging, occupational therapy helps restore the ability to live independently through various occupational activities.

The occupational therapy course revolves around rehabilitation medicine, and students will learn psychology, sociology, regional rehabilitation and a wide range of other human science systems. We aim for our students to become highly capable occupational therapists, with practical therapeutic and clinical training complemented by knowledge and skills related to prevention of disabilities, behavior evaluation, and maintenance and enhancement of health.

Features of the Curriculum

● Develop medical professionals who understand physical and mental makeup of humans and have a holistic perspective.

● Obtain practical problem solving skills and master therapeutic techniques.

● Understand the medical welfare services that serve local and social needs.

● Develop a constant awareness of problems and issues, and be dedicated to continuous self-improvement.

Career Options

○ National, public, and private hospitals
○ Nursing care facilities (nursing home, welfare nursing home)
○ Rehabilitation centers
○ Children’s care facilities
○ Nursing care manager
○ Home-care nursing stations
○ Welfare device training officer
○ Lecturer or training officer in educational organizations
○ Graduate school

Potential Licenses and Qualifications

○ Qualification to take the National Occupational Therapist Qualifying Exam