History of the Department

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The Department of Physical Therapy has evolved from the Department of Physical Therapeutics, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Hirosaki University, which was established on April 1st 1980. In 1980's, the public awareness about the importance of research and education for the physical therapy rose a great deal because the rehabilitation medicine in Japan was in the developing periods. In such background, the predecessor department was early opened to the second in the national university in Japan. Professor Masanobu Sugawara was elected as the director of the department.

Large number of graduates has been sent out to the world since the establishment, and they play in medical institution and health and welfare facilities in Japan all active part. In this department, consistent effort has been made in order to train the excellent talent who are able to practice the community rehabilitation activity for the disabled persons and the family in home as well as the physical therapy in the hospital since the establishment. The education idea of this department is included in the following four statements.

The new school was opened by integrating Training Course for School Teachers of Nursing of Faculty of Education with School of Allied Medical Sciences, Hirosaki University on October first, 2000. The Department of Physical Therapy aims at the contribution to training of medical professions and to development of the physical therapy in the world in the twenty-first century .