Graduate School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences(Doctoral Course)

Department of Bioscience and Laboratory Medicine

In this field, the physiologic functions and pathologic analysis pertaining to “life activities” of humans are explored and evidence is sought using scientific analytical methods. New ideas and creative thinking, which are not restricted to a specific field, as well as approaches to further deepen health science, are fostered by coordinating and cooperating beyond the occupational range of contemporary problems in health sciences.

Preliminary Consultation
Applicants must contact the faculty member in charge via telephone or email to discuss their academic and research goals before filing an application. If the faculty member in charge is unavailable, please contact our Academic Affairs Group at +81-172-39-5911 or

Research Themes
Hideki Takami, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5053
• Thrombosis and hemostasis
• Platelet function
• Clinical studies of platelet disorders
Mitsuaki Yoshida, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5931
• Study of radiation sensitivity in human general population by using chromosome aberration
• Development and improvement of cytogenetic biodosimetry method in radiation emergency medicine
• Molecular cytogenetic and genetic analyses in radiation induced malignant tumor
• Development of chemicals for radiation protection by chromosome aberration as a biological indicator
• Roles of chromosome abnormality in the process of development and progression of solid tumor
Toshiya Nakamura, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5969
• Regulation of the activity of hyaluronan synthase
• Function of proteoglycans
• Inhibitory mechanism of 4-methylumbelliferone on hyaluronan synthesis
Jun Watanabe, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5967
• Effect of sex steroids on endometrial cancer cells
• Prognostic or predictive factors in endometrial cancer
• Mechanisms underlying the carcinogenesis of uterine cervical cancer
• Morphological, molecular pathological, and digital image analysis of cytology
Koichi Ito, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5925
• Reconstitution of the immune system through murine umbilical cord blood transplantation
• Molecular mechanisms involved in differentiation and maturation of hematopoietic stem cells
• Regulation of intestinal immunity by nucleotides
Yusuke Tando, Professor Tel: +81-172-39-5992
• Disease and changes in metabolism of nutrients
• Pancreatic exocrine function, digestion and absorption
• Signal transduction system in pancreatic fibrosis and inflammation
Tomisato Miura,
Associate Professor
Tel: +81-172-39-5966
• Development of novel cytogenetic parameters for the estimation of radiation dose absorption
• Analysis of background factors that affect chromosomal abnormalities
• Effects of apple procyanidins on the prevention of lifestyle-related disease
• Biological effects of radiation exposure