Radiological Nursing Specialists Education Program

Aims and program

This program aims to develop Radiological Nursing Specialists (RNS) who have specialized knowledge and skills regarding radiation and radiological nursing. Such professionals can not only be engaged in radiological protection but also conduct advanced nursing practices for individuals, families and communities with complicated health issues related to radiation exposure. This program starts in 2015.

Educational Objectives

  1. Utilize their knowledge and skills about radiation exposure and radiation protection, and then perform advanced nursing practice on objects impacted by radiation.
  2. Conduct precise clinical assessment and management to minimize radiation exposure.
  3. Educate and consult for individual and community about radiation and how to protect themselves.
  4. Educate and consult for nurses about the knowledge and skills necessary for radiation nursing.
  5. Coordinate the educational and medical system as needed for radiological nursing.
  6. Implement decisions accurately on ethical problems related to radiological nursing and support the solution.
  7. Conduct research to contribute to the improvement of academic knowledge or nursing skills in radiological nursing.

Radiological Nursing Specialist Education Program 【Master’s level(nursing science);CNS in future】