Education for working Professionals


 We have been offering a short-term educational program to train current nurses and radiological technologists regarding the basic knowledge and techniques of REM since 2010. This was originally offered as a 3-day program; however, since 2013, we have incorporated prior learning through e-learning, and have shortened the contact course to a 2-day program.
 This training offers lectures to deepen each specialty from the perspective of REM, as well as exercises on ways to handle irradiated and/or contaminated patients.

Lectures and Exercises

Educational Objectives

Overview of Educational Curriculum

  • In the e-learning module, the participants gain basic knowledge on radiation and principles of REM, putting on and taking off protective clothing, methods of decontaminating the wound site, etc.
  • All participants participate in the exercise, “How to decontaminate / How to put on and take off protective clothing.” The participants learn to assess and decontaminate contaminated wounds.
  • We plan to offer lectures related to the present conditions in Fukushima, by inviting lecturers from the Fukushima Medical University Education Center for Disaster Medicine.
  • We have also incorporated a tour of the Radiation Emergency Medicine Facility at Hirosaki University School of Medicine and Hospital Advanced Critical Care Center.