Global human-resources development Global human-resources development
- International human-resources development -


 Fostering internationalism among instructors in the Graduate School of Health Sciences and promoting the entry of international students to the Graduate School by actively promoting personnel and academic exchanges with institutions involved in REM in Japan and around the world.


  1. Creating and promoting exchange among younger researchers and students as well as the systems to support such exchange
  2. Supporting the development of human resources capable of creating systems for international exchange and cooperation
  3. Developing an educational program to train human resources in REM, open to participation by overseas students
  4. Accepting exchange students in the REM course and Radiological Nursing Specialist Education Program

Performance and plans

  • Implementing exchange among educators and researchers: Inviting Dr. Siamak Haghdoost and Dr. Andrzej Wojcik from the Stockholm University and Dr. Harry Scherthan of the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology in Germany
  • Supporting the participation of students in the earlier and latter stages of their doctoral programs in international conferences and other events
  • Introduction to disaster drills organized by KIRAMS of South Korea: Inviting Dr. Min-Su Cho and Dr. Sun-Sil Kim
  • Participation in KIRAMS disaster drills and observation of KIRAMS
  • Conducting observation and research at the University of Hawaii’s Translational Health Science Simulation Center
  • Conducting public-relations activities and collecting information related to the program in the Philippines and Thailand
  • Undertaking preparations for ESRAH2014 (held in the city of Hirosaki September 21–22, 2014)
  • Providing support for the acceptance of international students